Our Campus

Located on a pristine 30 acre rural campus, Jefferson Academy is ideally situated just moments away from the bustling heart of downtown Charles Town, WV, and only 1.5 hours from all that Washington DC has to offer. Our students have the privilege of studying in an environment that is truly peaceful and conducive to the learning experience. With such a unique landscape, we are capable of bringing unique and meaningful courses and activities to our student body that other institutions simply can not.

Our children are encouraged to explore the expansive grounds and discover, and celebrate their creative spirits while engaging in programs such as organic gardening in one of our three gardens. Starting in Kindergarten our children will take an active role in “The Farm at Jefferson Academy” a 1 1/2 acre farmers market operated by our students and faculty (this endeavor will be tied to our health and science courses). Our drama club has built a stage outside that our children frequently perform musicals and various other productions on for the enjoyment of the school and community in general. In addition to these items we are also able to offer our children 3 hiking trails through our beautiful campus. These hiking trails will be used both for educational purposes such as outdoor botany and science lessons, and just for fun!

Because we have such a unique campus to the area, we would like to share its amenities with all who wish to visit, or utilize our grounds and property. We are constantly looking for ways to reach out to the local community. We believe it is a privilege to be part of such a wonderful community, and our duty, and honor to add something of value back to it.

Should your organization like to host an event on our grounds or utilize our buildings please contact the Director of Business Affairs and Marketing at (304) 725-1438